About Geophysics:


    General Geosciences Services (GGS) has a special interest in this discipline. Indeed, because of its good reputation in the field, it does not continuously made efforts to increase its intellectual and material capacity to act, in full autonomy to meet the requirements of its customers and partners in the earliest opportunity and providing a product that meets the required standards. Concerned about the problems, GGS mobilizes a highly qualified personnel with extensive professional experience provided equipment and the best performing materials on a global scale. GGS has placed itself among the most experienced operators in applied geophysics. the long experiences in this field makes GGS perfectly comfortable for carrying out the works in accordance with the best concepts. However, because of its reputation in this territory, GGS is certified ISO 9001.

GGS acts in complete autonomy with its own equipment in almost all the studies. Rarely, GGS uses its collaborators to rent the necessary equipment.

Resistivity map 2D inversed

Cross Section 1D inversed

Example of GPR results: modeling of subsurface

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